My sister did not have an affair with Hilda Baci’s boyfriend – Ama Reginald’s

Stephanie ReginaldStephanie Reginald, the sister of Ama Reginald, recently addressed the rumors surrounding her sister’s fallout with Hilda Baci. It was widely speculated that Ama and Hilda had ended their friendship due to a disagreement over a man. However, Stephanie has now stepped forward to set the record straight and defend her sister against these false accusations.

In a statement released online, Stephanie emphasized that friendships can naturally come to an end as people grow and change. She urged social media users to stop spreading lies and rumors about her sister, reminding them that it is hurtful and unnecessary. Stephanie made it clear that she stands by Ama and believes that she deserves to have her reputation protected.

The support and loyalty shown by Stephanie towards her sister demonstrate the importance of family bonds in times of turmoil. By speaking out against the gossip and speculation, Stephanie is helping to protect Ama’s integrity and reputation. Her words serve as a reminder to everyone to be cautious of the information they believe and share online.

Ultimately, Stephanie’s message is a reflection of the love and solidarity that exists within the Reginald family. Despite the challenges and controversies that may arise, they remain united in their support for one another. Stephanie’s actions serve as a powerful example of standing up for what is right and defending those we care about.

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