“My sister recently became a mother”-Brother Of Doctor Grace Boadu reveals

According to Dr. Emmanuel Boadu, the brother of the late Dr. Grace Boadu, it is important for Ghanaians to disregard any information regarding his sister.

According to Dr. Emmanuel, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Grace Gift Herbal Clinic, anyone who asserts that they are the biological relatives of the renowned herbalist is being untruthful.

He revealed this during an interview on Angel FM that we monitored on February 1, 2024.

He claims that all the individuals who have spoken about Doctor Grace Boadu in interviews, citing their connection to her, are simply lying.

According to him, those individuals are merely her neighbors and do not share any blood relation with her.

According to him, the claims about Doctor Grace Boady not having a child, not being married, and the circumstances surrounding her death are all false.

“Being from the same hometown as the deceased does not automatically make you her family member.” None of these claims are accurate. The family has yet to formally address the public. Ignore anyone claiming to be related to Dr. Grace, whether it’s an uncle, sister, brother, or anyone else,” he warned.

Meanwhile, the daughter and mother of Doctor Grace Boadu have planned to hold a press conference in Ghana on either the 2nd or 3rd of February.

According to the brother, the pair is currently in Belgium and making arrangements to travel to Ghana to pay their respects to their loved one.

“Contrary to what people are saying, my mother, Doc’s mother, is currently in Belgium, not America.” She and Doc’s daughter are currently in Belgium. They are about to arrive in Ghana. So, the family can gather and inform Ghanaians about everything they need to know. The family plans to hold a press conference either on Friday or Saturday, in order to address the numerous rumors circulating on social media.


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