My son quit boxing because he knew it was not a ‘dada ba’ sport – Azumah Nelson

In an interview with Dan Kwaku Yeboah TV, Azumah Nelson, the legendary boxing icon, revealed that his son, Dalvin Azumah Nelson Jr, has decided to walk away from the sport of boxing after initially giving it a try.

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Azumah Nelson shared that his son has discovered a passion for a different profession and was unable to fully commit to the rigorous demands of professional boxing, ultimately leading him to abandon the sport.

Azumah Nelson expressed his understanding and support for his son’s decision and emphasized that he continues to be a loving and encouraging father as his son pursues his new career path.

Azumah Nelson highlighted that his son came to realize that boxing may not be suited for individuals from affluent backgrounds, as it is a sport that often requires a certain level of resilience and determination typically found in those from less privileged backgrounds.

Despite introducing his son to boxing at a young age, Azumah Nelson acknowledged that his son ultimately found the sport too challenging and physically demanding.

Furthermore, Azumah Nelson shared some of his own fighting strategies, emphasizing the importance of not allowing opponents to provoke him.

He explained that maintaining composure and focus during fights was crucial, as losing control or becoming angry could lead to detrimental outcomes.

Reflecting on his own experiences, Azumah Nelson stressed the significance of staying level-headed and composed in the face of provocation from opponents.

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