“My Stand-a-Thon attempt was not approved by Guinness World Record board”- Patrick Amenuvor

Patrick Amenuvor made a splash on Ghanaian social media after we announced his participation in what was believed to be a Stand-a-Thon, which quickly went viral.

Recently, Patrick spoke out about his attempt in a conversation with renowned Ghanaian blogger and content creator, Zion Felix.

During the interview, Patrick revealed that he drew inspiration from Afua Asantewaa’s Singathon. He explained that he and his team decided to call their challenge a “stand-a-thon” as they hadn’t come across a similar attempt on the official Guinness World Record pages.

However, Patrick was taken aback by the significant amount of money required to file an application with Guinness, which left him unable to proceed with the official process.

As a result, he made the decision to go ahead with the challenge without the approval of the Guinness World Record board.

To gain more insights into Patrick’s experience and thoughts, read the full interview below. With a length of 250 words, it provides a comprehensive understanding of his motivations and actions.

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