My Wife Is The Best Chef – Davido Showers Praises On Chioma (VIDEO)

Nigerian artist Davido recently praised his wife, Chioma, while showing American streamer Kai Cenat around Lagos. The American YouTuber has been gaining attention for his experiences in various locations in Nigeria.

In a video circulating online, Davido can be seen in a car with Kai Cenat, where he expressed his admiration for his wife. Davido mentioned to Kai Cenat that he wished he could introduce him to Chioma, as she is an exceptional cook who could prepare delicious meals. The singer confidently stated that his wife is the best chef he has ever come across.

Kai Cenat was clearly impressed by Davido’s words and gave Chioma a shout-out in response. Davido also shared with Kai Cenat that Chioma is working on a restaurant project in Atlanta, further showcasing his pride in his wife’s culinary skills.

The admiration Davido has for Chioma was evident as he spoke highly of her to the American streamer. This interaction between Davido and Kai Cenat provided fans with a glimpse into the couple’s relationship and highlighted Chioma’s talents in the kitchen. The video of their conversation has since garnered attention online, adding to the buzz surrounding Kai Cenat’s experiences in Nigeria.

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