“My wife never complains about my s3xy roles in movies” – Ramsey Nouah

Renowned Nollywood actor and director, Ramsey Nouah, recently opened up about his personal life, sharing how supportive his wife is when it comes to his professional choices.

Despite often playing intimate roles in movies, Ramsey revealed that his wife has never expressed any discontent or complained about his on-screen performances.

He praised his wife for being very understanding of the roles he takes on as an actor, saying that his home life has been wonderful because of her support.

Ramsey described his wife as a rare and accommodating woman, emphasizing how difficult it is to find someone like her in today’s world.

He credited her as the pillar of strength in the Nouah family, highlighting her ability to tolerate the demands of his acting career.

He acknowledged that his wife doesn’t mind his on-screen intimacy because she understands that it’s part of his profession, and she can handle it with grace.

The actor, known for his roles in popular movies like The Millions, My Wife and I, and Merry Men, is set to appear in Ghanaian actor Kwadwo Nkansah’s film, A Country Called Ghana.

Ramsey’s admiration for his wife’s understanding and support shines through his words, showing the deep bond they share in navigating the challenges of his acting career together.


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