My wife took my phone and deleted my girlfriend, Naomi’s number and saved her own number as Naomi

My wife discovered my girlfriend Naomi’s number in my phone and deleted it, changing the contact name to just ‘Naomi’.

Unaware that my wife knew about Naomi, I received an SMS from Naomi requesting 2,000 naira. I quickly lied to my wife, claiming it was for an emergency involving my sick brother.

My wife gave me the money, which I promptly sent to the account number in the message. Later, I anxiously texted Naomi to confirm she received the money, and she asked me to call her.

To my shock, it was my wife’s voice on the other end. I have been outside my house for three days now, unsure how to face my wife. Any advice would be appreciated.

My suggestion is to stop this behavior before it escalates. There is no benefit in juggling multiple partners when you are single, as it can lead to disastrous consequences.


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