My Workers Call Every Day To Complain About Dumsor, Its Destroying My Business – Kofi Kinaata Cries

Recently, there has been a significant issue with erratic power supply in Ghana, commonly known as Dumsor, which has been negatively impacting businesses and individuals in the country.

Even popular Ghanaian artiste, Kofi Kinaata, has not been immune to the effects of Dumsor. In a recent interview, he opened up about how the power outages have been affecting his business operations.

Kofi Kinaata shared that his employees have been constantly calling him to report the challenges they face due to the frequent power cuts.

Despite the widespread challenges faced by Ghanaians, Kinaata expressed frustration at the lack of action and accountability from politicians.

He highlighted that many people are hesitant to speak out about issues like Dumsor due to political affiliations, with individuals prioritizing loyalty to their political party over the well-being of the country.

Kinaata emphasized that politicians have consistently made promises to address the issue but have failed to deliver on their commitments.

In light of the ongoing challenges and political divisions, Kinaata admitted feeling disillusioned and resigned to the status quo.

He lamented the fact that genuine concerns and criticisms are often dismissed or silenced due to partisan loyalties, resulting in a stagnant and ineffective system.

Despite his frustration, Kinaata remains hopeful for positive change in the future, urging Ghanaians to prioritize the interests of the country over partisan politics.


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