Nana Addo is a scam- Wayoosi

• Veteran Kumawood actor, Wayoosi, criticizes President Akufo Addo for being dishonest.
• He accuses Addo of being a scam and a liar.
• Wayoosi expresses dissatisfaction with the current economic situation, particularly the rise in goods and services prices.
• He compares the current situation to the former president’s tenure, comparing food prices to those of former president John Mahama.
• Wayoosi’s statements serve as a reminder for the government to fulfill its promises and prioritize citizens’ well-being.


Veteran Kumawood actor, Joseph Osei, who is also known as Wayoosi, has expressed his disappointment and frustration with President Akufo Addo, whom he describes as a dishonest leader.

During an interview with a Ghanaian blogger, Wayoosi did not hold back in criticizing the sitting president, accusing him of being a scam and a liar.

The actor pointed out that he is not pleased with the current state of affairs in the country, especially the significant increase in prices of goods and services under President Akufo Addo’s administration.

Wayoosi highlighted that despite the president’s promises to improve the country’s economy, the reality has been quite the opposite.

To illustrate his point, Wayoosi compared the prices of food items during the tenure of former president, John Mahama, to the present situation.

He mentioned that during Mahama’s time, a portion of kenkey was sold for 1 Ghana cedi, whereas now, one would need between 100 and 300 cedis to feel satisfied after eating kenkey or fufu in Kumasi.

Wayoosi’s comments reflect the frustrations and concerns of many Ghanaians who are feeling the impact of rising costs and economic challenges.

The actor’s bold statements serve as a reminder to the government to fulfill its promises and prioritize the well-being of its citizens.

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