“Nana Addo will not sign any LGBTQ bill, focus on your problems”- Afia Schwarzenegger blast Ghanaians

Controversial and outspoken media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger, has recently shared her insights on why the President of Ghana is unlikely to sign the anti-gay bill. In a video she released, Afia expressed her belief that there are far more urgent issues facing the country that need to be addressed before focusing on passing such a bill.

She criticized parliament for prioritizing a bill that she believes only serves their own interests, rather than contributing to the overall development of the nation. Afia highlighted concerns such as the high cost of living, excessive taxes, poor state of roads, and the alarming rate of unemployment as major issues that need immediate attention.

Afia urged Ghanaians to be more critical of their leaders and not blindly follow their decisions, especially when there are so many pressing problems affecting the country. She emphasized the need for citizens to hold their leaders accountable and demand action on issues that truly matter for the progress and well-being of the nation.

Overall, Afia’s message encourages Ghanaians to shift their focus towards addressing the critical challenges facing the country, rather than getting caught up in debates over less significant matters.

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