Netizens calls for an arrest of pastor dating a 17 year-old SHS student (see details)

A viral video featuring a 17-year-old high school student named Minenhle receiving the latest iPhone from her alleged 40-year-old boyfriend, a pastor named Ntsikelelo Khamanga, has caused outrage online.

In the video, Minenhle excitedly shows off her new iPhone 15 and thanks her boyfriend, who is not shown on camera, with a kiss.

The footage sparked calls for the pastor’s arrest, with users on the X app, formerly known as Twitter, digging up more information about him.

Additional videos surfaced showing Minenhle in her boyfriend’s luxury car in her school uniform, detailing their relationship since she was 14 years old.

The news outlet MDN News also shared the videos, calling for authorities to intervene and arrest the pastor.

Users on the app expressed their shock and anger, with some urging Minenhle’s father to take action.

One user emphasized the importance of fathers in their daughters’ lives, warning about the consequences of neglect.

Another user praised the collective efforts of the online community in investigating such cases and called for the arrest of everyone involved.

Concerns were raised about the impact of the online attention on Minenhle’s mental health, with calls for her to receive counseling.

The incident has sparked a debate about the protection of young girls and the accountability of adults in positions of authority.

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