Newly married lady receives Ghc5000 from her husband for being a virgin till marriage (watch video)

A Gambian family was overjoyed when their daughter, Meta Mbye, successfully passed a virginity test and received a generous cash gift from her husband.

In accordance with their cultural traditions, it was necessary for the bride to undergo this test to prove her purity before marriage.

Upon being confirmed as a chaste woman, Meta’s family erupted into celebration, expressing their happiness through a festive dance.

During the virginity test, one of Meta’s relatives, who had been waiting outside, witnessed her husband presenting her with more than D28,000, equivalent to 4,996.40.

This generous gift was placed under her pillow, reflecting the husband’s immense joy and satisfaction with Meta’s result.

The release of a video capturing this moment has generated a wide range of reactions from internet users. Some extend their congratulations to Meta for passing the test, considering it a significant accomplishment.

However, there are others who criticize the practice and call for its discontinuation, as they feel it is embarrassing and unnecessary.

The Gambian family’s celebration highlights the importance placed on virginity in their culture. The successful completion of the test brings great honor and pride to Meta and her family.

Meanwhile, the cash gift from the husband not only signifies his happiness but also serves as a form of recognition for Meta’s commitment to maintaining her chastity until marriage.

The video has sparked a heated debate among netizens, with opinions divided on the subject. While some commend Meta for fulfilling the cultural expectations, others argue that such tests are outdated and should be abolished.

The contrasting reactions demonstrate the ongoing struggle to reconcile tradition with modern values in societies like Gambia.

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