Nigerian Lady Mistakenly Recharges N61k Airtime Instead of N6100, Begs for Help in Video

A Nigerian woman took to TikTok to share her distress after accidentally recharging her phone with an excessive amount of airtime.

The lady, known as @annabelb26 on TikTok, tearfully disclosed that she mistakenly added N61,000 to her account instead of the intended N6100.

She reached out to her followers for advice on how to convert the excess airtime back into money, stating, “You mistakenly recharge N61000 from your bank instead of 6100. Abeg who knows how I can change it back to money?”

The video sparked a variety of responses from internet users offering suggestions on how she could handle the situation. Some recommended visiting the bank for assistance, while others suggested using platforms like PalmPay to sell the airtime.

One user shared their experience of recharging too much and having to obtain a new pin from the service provider to sell off the excess airtime.

Another user mentioned using an “airtime flip” method to convert the airtime back to money.

Overall, the video generated empathy from viewers who shared their own experiences of accidentally recharging large amounts of airtime.

Some expressed shock and humor at the situation, while others offered practical advice on how to resolve the issue, such as seeking help from the service provider or using third-party platforms for airtime conversion.


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