Nigerian Nurse Emotional Reunite with Husband in the UK after Three Years Apart

In a touching video going viral on social media, a Nigerian nurse, known as @proudnursemj on the platform, celebrated a beautiful reunion with her husband after living apart for over three years. In a testament to love transcending borders, her husband finally joined her in the United Kingdom.

The nurse, who had been living and working in the UK, documented the emotional journey of her husband’s arrival, from her meticulous preparations to their ecstatic reunion at the airport. The couple had been maintaining their relationship through video calls and conventional phone conversations, while living in different countries for more than three years.

@proudnursemj revealed that she had filed for her husband’s visa and was thrilled when it was approved. The video she shared chronicles the heartwarming moment her husband steps off the plane. Filled with anticipation and joy, she rushes to embrace him.

In the video, she also showcased the thoughtful touches she had prepared at home to welcome her partner. The bed was lovingly decorated, symbolizing a warm welcome after their long separation.

@proudnursemj captioned the video, “My HUSBAND finally arrived UK 🇬🇧 after 3Years+ of living apart!!! (I filed for his visa myself, got approved in less than 5days, even though we never lived together)”. The video has sparked an outpouring of positive comments, celebrating the couple’s long-awaited reunion.

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