Nigerian singer Portable reveals why he loves Money Over Women

Controversial singer Portable, known for his hit single ‘Zazzo’, has publicly declared his preference for money over women. This announcement came hours after the singer had an altercation with his 4th baby mama, Ashabi Simple.

Previously, Portable had publicly criticized Ashabi for referring to him as her husband. The singer clarified that he only impregnated Ashabi and did not pay her bride price, emphasizing that she was just a side chick and not his wife.

Portable, whose real-life antics often overshadow his music, took to social media to explain his controversial stance. He stated that money gives him more energy than women and that with money, he can always take care of the women in his life.

“Money injects energy into me,” Portable said in a video he shared online. “With money, I can always provide for my women.”

This statement has stirred debate among fans and critics alike, with some arguing that the singer’s comment is derogatory to women. However, others argue that Portable’s preference is a personal one and should be respected.

Portable’s controversial lifestyle often makes headlines. His recent outburst against Ashabi Simple is one of many instances where the singer’s personal life has become public fodder.

However, despite the controversy, Portable maintains a steady fan base. His music, particularly his hit single ‘Zazzo’, continues to enjoy significant airplay in the local Nigerian music scene.

It remains to be seen if the singer’s controversial statements will impact his career in the long term. For now, Portable seems content with his love for money, controversial lifestyle, and the endless chatter it continues to generate.


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