“No amount of hate can hinder your success” – Sonnie Badu Prophesies About McBrown

Rev. Sonnie Badu, the founder of Rockhill Chapel, has predicted that actress Nana Ama McBrown will eventually become a prominent politician. He made this prophecy during a prayer conference where McBrown was present, emphasizing that her current success is just the beginning and that no amount of envy or scandal can hinder her destiny.

Badu recalled a prophecy he made about McBrown seven years ago that has since come to pass, reaffirming his belief in his prophetic abilities. The prayer conference was attended by various Ghanaian celebrities and was hosted by Prophet Eric Boahen of the Reign House Chapel.

In a separate development, there are ongoing discussions about the late John Kumah’s cause of death, with some still speculating about poisoning. This debate was further fueled by a resurfaced video of McBrown recounting a harrowing experience of food poisoning on set.

The actress revealed how she collapsed and lost consciousness after eating with a colleague, leading to a hospitalization that lasted two weeks.

Despite these challenges, Sonnie Badu shared his own struggles of homelessness and hunger in London, highlighting how faith and perseverance eventually led to his success. He emphasized that his difficult past experiences have inspired many of his songs.


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