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“No girl have ever turned down my proposal”- Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene, the renowned musician, has offered valuable advice to men in Ghana, urging them to strive for personal growth and self-improvement in order to attract the attention of women.

The musician has acknowledged that in his youth, he faced numerous rejections from women. However, his story took a dramatic turn after he dedicated himself to becoming the accomplished artist known as Kuami Eugene.

The artist known for his hit song “Monica” claims that he has never been turned down by a Ghanaian woman since gaining recognition in the entertainment industry.

The young musician claimed that the women he is referring to are not just average women, but rather stunning women with desirable qualities.

Rockstar unveiled that these women not only agree to his proposal, but once they begin dating, they obediently follow his every instruction.

He mentioned that he has also received love proposals from women on certain occasions.

He claims that not a single day goes by without a woman approaching him, eager to start a relationship.

Meanwhile, online users have responded to the statement made by Rockstar. Here are a few of the responses shared by social media users:

Hmm, we are also eagerly anticipating the opportunity to experience those feelings in Ghana.

Candy Bee artist: However, I have no intentions of dating anyone once I achieve stardom. Since no one is present, I feel invisible.

K Micheal: To anyone facing adversity; may you find the strength and resilience to overcome the challenges life throws your way. You are truly fortunate and filled with gratitude.

Charles Kwasi: It seems like they’re after you because of your wealth, my friend. Get smart, settle down, and all these women will become a thing of the past.

Jr Boss: Rockstar Eugene, caution is of utmost importance.

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