“No one should support ‘sick’ Moesha Buduong financially” – Mona Gucci

Self-proclaimed lawyer and TV presenter Mona Gucci recently explained why she has chosen not to participate in efforts to raise funds for Moesha Boduong, who is reportedly suffering from a stroke.

Speaking on TV3’s The Ladies Circle show, Mona Gucci stated that she distanced herself from Moesha due to an incident where Moesha criticized her for comments she made about “slay queens” in Ghana.

In a previous interview on Neat FM, Mona Gucci had listed several Ghanaian celebrities who she claimed engaged in questionable activities for money, including being involved in sexual activities with wealthy individuals.

Moesha’s response to this led to a rift in their relationship, and Mona Gucci now feels no obligation to support Moesha during her current challenges.

Despite reports of Moesha being hospitalized and in critical condition, Mona Gucci has chosen not to speak out or contribute to fundraising efforts for her.

On the other hand, singer Becca has encouraged the public to support Moesha’s GoFundMe campaign, highlighting the importance of coming together to help those in need.

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