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“No Sensible Woman Will Date Or Marry Portable, Only hunger would make beautiful girls date him” – Isaac Fayose says (Video)

Nigerian politician, Isaac Fayose, has recently stirred up discussions online with his comments about the popular Streetpop artist, Portable, and his numerous romantic relationships.

In a viral video, Fayose was seen having a conversation with well-known food vendor, Ashamu Kunbi, where they discussed Portable and his love life.

Fayose suggested that only women facing hunger would consider being with Portable as a partner.

Kunbi also shared her thoughts, noting that desperation due to hunger might be a driving factor for attractive women to be involved with Portable.

Fayose reiterated this point, questioning why any sensible woman would choose to be in a relationship with Portable.

Posting the video, he humorously wrote that only hunger would lead beautiful girls to marry Portable, sparking a reaction from netizens who shared their opinions on the matter.

Some defended Portable’s looks, while others questioned his ability to attract women, with one user even mentioning Portable’s relationship with a king’s wife.

Despite the varied responses, some criticized Fayose for his remarks, expressing disappointment in his comments about Portable.

Overall, Fayose’s statement sparked a lively debate online about the dynamics of relationships and societal standards.

Watch video below…

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