“Nobody Believed My Father Was Sleeping With Me So I Kept The Pregnancy As Revenge”- Lady shares her story

Article Summary

• A lady recounts her abusive father’s treatment of her
• The father took advantage of her, abused and slept with her
• After reporting the abuse, the father stopped, but the trauma persisted.
• She later fled home, gave birth to her child as a result of the sexual intercourse she had with her dad
• The baby died tragically.
• Over time, she cut ties with her family.
• Despite the pain, she chose to move forward and live a life free from her past.


In middle school, a lady who narrated her ordeal revealed that her father treated her differently from her siblings, taking advantage and sleeping with her while threatening to not support her financially if she speaks.
After reporting the abuse, the father stopped, but the trauma remained. she ran away, gave birth to a child who was for her father. Tragically, the baby died.

Read her story below.

When I was in middle school, my father started treating me differently from my siblings, showing me more affection and attention.

One night, he asked me to come to his room and told me he loved me very much. He then proceeded to take advantage of me, making me swear to keep it a secret.

This continued for years, with threats of withholding financial support if I resisted.

Eventually, I mustered the courage to tell my mother, who dismissed my claims as hallucinations. When my father found out, he denied everything and stopped his abusive behavior, but the trauma stayed with me.

I ran away from home, gave birth to his child, and faced judgment and purification rituals from my community.

My baby tragically passed away, and I returned to work at a school where I found solace and support.

Over time, I cut ties with my family, seeking a fresh start and finding peace in solitude.

Despite the pain and hardships, I have chosen to move forward and live a life free from the shadows of my past.

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