“NPP have used money to buy your influence”- Kwaku Manu tells Diana Asamoah

Kwaku Manu, the Kumawood actor also known as Bob Siga, has criticized gospel musician Evangelist Diana Asamoah.

The host of the “Aggressive” show on Kwaku Manu TV claims that Evangelist Diana Asamoah has allegedly influenced the president of Ghana, Akufo Addo, with money.

He mentioned that initially, Diana Asamoah focused on spreading the word of God above all else. However, since meeting the president of Ghana, she has shifted her focus from evangelism to politics.

When Kwaku Manu addressed the ongoing criticism between evangelist Diana Asamoah and her colleague, evangelist Edward Akwasi Boateng in a widely circulated video, he made the following statement.

The actor stated that he usually keeps to himself, but he strongly disapproves of Evangelist Diana Asamoah’s actions. This led him to record a video addressing the issue late at night instead of going to bed.

Kwaku Manu suggests that Evangelist Diana Asamoah would prioritize President Akufo Addo over God if given the choice.

“You no longer advocate for God.” Currently, if given the choice between God and Akufo Addo, you would select Akufo Addo over God. The actor mentioned that currently, you talk more about Akufo Addo than Jesus Christ.


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