“Ny@5h is better than Degree” – Hajia Bintu’s Vacations in SA causes confusion online

Hajia Bintu, a popular Tiktok personality, has been receiving a lot of praise for her curvaceous backside and the opportunities it has brought her. In a recent social media post, Bintu shared photos of herself enjoying a helicopter ride in a beautiful, exotic location.

According to her caption, she was in South Africa and taking a tour with Cape Town Helicopter Tours. The photos captured Bintu’s excitement and joy as she explored the stunning scenery from the chopper.

This vacation follows a series of posts where Bintu showcased her adventures in Cape Town, including riding a quad bike on the Atlantis Dunes. Her posts have garnered a lot of attention for the stunning locations she’s been visiting and the luxurious experiences she’s been enjoying.

Bintu’s backside has been a focal point of her fame, with many praising her confidence and beauty. However, she is also proving that there is more to her than just her physical appearance.

Through her social media posts, Bintu is showing her fans that she is adventurous, fun-loving, and living her best life. Her journey in South Africa is not just about showcasing her backside, but also about experiencing new things and creating lasting memories.

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