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“Only A F()ol Will Buy ’Soobolo’ And ’Yesu Mogya’ for healing” – Captain Smart Blast Adom Kyei Dua And His Church Members

Captain Smart on Onua TV’s morning show criticizes the members of the Believers Worship Center on Second Chance TV, founded by Stephen Adom Kyei Dua, accusing them of being gullible and easily deceived by pastors.

He specifically mentions the practice of buying mixtures named ‘Soobolo’ as the blood of Jesus or ‘Yesu Mogya’, implying that they are being manipulated by false claims made by their religious leaders.

To drive his point home, Captain Smart uses Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu as an example of someone who has lived a healthy life for over 100 years without resorting to such practices.

By invoking the respected Sheikh, he suggests that there are alternative ways to maintain good health and spiritual well-being without succumbing to what he views as superstition and manipulation.

In essence, Captain Smart’s criticism revolves around the idea that the church members are being taken advantage of and misled by their pastors, who may be using fear and false promises to exploit their followers.

He seems to be urging them to think critically and question what they are being told, rather than blindly accepting everything they hear.

Ultimately, his message appears to be one of skepticism and a call for greater discernment among believers.

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