Only Poor People Don’t Believe I Spend GH¢8,000 A Day, Go To MTN And Check My Transactions – Mr Logic

Songwriter and entertainment critic, Mr Logic, has responded to critics who doubt his claim of spending at least GH¢8,000 a day.

In a recent interview with a blogger, he reiterated his statement about his daily expenses, which sparked backlash from people calling him a braggart and a liar. Many questioned the source of his income and accused him of fabricating stories.

However, when reached out to him for a breakdown of his GH¢8,000 daily expenses, Mr Logic stood by his claim that he spends GH¢1,000 on fuel alone each day.

He also mentioned that a portion of his expenses goes towards supporting his family and investing in his five small-scale businesses.

Additionally, he revealed that some of the money is used to purchase feed for his goat and pig farm in Aburi, as well as materials for his clothing line.

Mr Logic dismissed those who doubt his spending habits as “poor people living a stagnant life,” emphasizing that his lifestyle is beyond the typical daily expenses of a civil servant.

He clarified that his GH¢8,000 daily expenditure does not solely cover food, unlike a civil servant who may spend a fraction of that amount on meals.

In response to skeptics, Mr Logic suggested that they verify his claims by requesting his daily transcripts from MTN.


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