“Only two women deserve your money, your Mom and Your Wife” – Reno Omokri advices men

•Reno Omokri’s Perspective on Financial Support for Mothers and Wives
• Emphasizes the importance of financial care for mothers due to their sacrifices and love.
• Views it as a duty and honor to care for mothers.
• Highlights the role of supporting a wife, especially if she is involved in raising children, in family stability and marital relationship.
• Advocates for the combined positive energy of a man’s mother and wife to help him achieve his dreams.
• Challenges the idea of “rise by lifting others,” suggesting not everyone deserves support.
• Emphasizes the importance of financial assistance for the women who raised us and our children.
• Warns against neglecting these women, stating their support is crucial for success and well-being.


Author and commentator Reno Omokri believes that a man should prioritize providing financial support for two important women in his life – his mother and his wife.

He stresses that mothers deserve every bit of financial care due to the sacrifices and love they have shown throughout our lives.

Omokri considers it not only a duty but an honor to take care of our mothers. He also emphasizes the importance of supporting a wife, especially if she is actively involved in raising their children, as it contributes to family stability and strengthens the marital relationship.

Omokri argues that if a man’s mother and wife come together to pray for his success, their combined positive energy can help him achieve his dreams.

He challenges the notion that one should “rise by lifting others,” suggesting that not everyone deserves support.

According to Omokri, the women who raised us and the women who are raising our children should be the top priority when it comes to financial assistance.

He warns that neglecting these two important women could lead to disastrous consequences.

Ultimately, Omokri believes that the support and prayers of a man’s mother and wife are crucial for his success and well-being.


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