“Opambour stole my girlfriend from me”- Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Attorney Maurice Ampaw has explained the origin of his conflict with Ghanaian prophet, Opambour, also known as Prophet 1.

The pair has been exchanging jabs for a few weeks now without fans knowing exactly what caused the rift. Ghanaians observe that whenever one has a chance, they take a dig at the other.

During an interview on Royal TV reported by instashowbiz.com, Lawyer Maurice Ampau explained that his frequent criticisms of Prophet 1 stem from the man of God allegedly taking his beloved Sekina away from him.

Lawyer Maurice Ampau recounted during the interview that things were going smoothly between him and his girlfriend until Opambour entered the scene.

He shared that Sekina recently visited Opambour’s church, where the preacher informed her that Lawyer Maurice Ampau had HIV/AIDS and advised her to stay away from him to stay safe.

He claimed that Sekina never informed him, but her behavior, like insisting on using 3 condoms before they could be intimate, indicated that things were not going smoothly.

According to lawyer Maurice Ampau, Sekina gave him an ultimatum to either lose him or go to Opambour for cleansing. He decided to choose the former as he did not find it necessary to go to Opambour’s church.

Surprisingly, one day, the woman called to inform him that Opambour had proposed to her.

Lawyer Maurice Ampau insists that this is not the first occasion he has spoken out about Opambour allegedly taking his girlfriend.

Lawyer Maurice Ampau has not provided any information regarding his conflict with self-proclaimed PRO of prophets in Ghana, prophet Kumchacha.

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