“Opambour’s curse is very powerful and no one can reverse it”- Ajagurajah

Bishop Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, the leader and founder of the Ajagurajah movement, has weighed in on the ongoing discussion surrounding Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom, also known as Opambour.

According to the spiritualist, curses were traditionally used in the past to establish innocence, instilling fear in those who falsely accused others.

He emphasized that regardless of the passage of time, a curse would eventually come to fruition, with no means of prevention.

Ajagurajah cited an example of Opambour’s curse on Kumawood actress Bernice Asare in 2020, which took four years to materialize, proving the effectiveness of such curses.

Ajagurajah condemned those who doubted the power of curses, stating that Opambour’s words bear significant weight.

He asserted that once cursed by Opambour, there is no reversing the effects.

The spiritual leader highlighted the tragic outcome of Opambour’s curse on a woman’s child, underscoring the potency of such spiritual pronouncements.

In essence, Bishop Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah emphasized the long-lasting impact of curses and the inevitability of their manifestation, particularly when issued by a figure of spiritual authority like Opambour.

He warned against underestimating the power of curses, citing real-life examples to support his claims.

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