Our Relationship Has Gone From Bad To Worse After My Book- Yvonne Nelson Reveals Relationship With Sarkodie

Yvonne Nelson recently revealed that she is no longer friends with the legendary musician, Sarkodie. Their relationship took a turn for the worse after the release of her biography, where she shared personal details about their past.

During an interview with Onua FM, Yvonne expressed her satisfaction with her decision to distance herself from Sarkodie and encouraged other young women to speak up about their concerns.

In her book, “I’m Not Yvonne Nelson,” she admitted that she was unable to change Sarkodie’s opinion of her.

Despite clarifying that they were never close friends, Yvonne emphasized the importance of sharing one’s truth and experiences.

The headlines were made in 2023 when Yvonne disclosed the circumstances surrounding her decision to terminate a pregnancy with Sarkodie in 2010.

The revelation was made in her book, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” where she explained that Sarkodie’s lack of acceptance led her to choose abortion.

At the book launch, she recounted the details of the experience, including a failed attempt with medication and eventually seeking treatment at a clinic with Sarkodie and his manager by her side.

Yvonne’s openness about her past struggles serves as a reminder that it is essential to communicate one’s emotions and share personal stories, even if they may be difficult to discuss.


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