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Owner Of Popular Nkatie Burger Marries A 24-Year-Old Lady At Age 74 – (Video)

A series of videos depicting the alleged wedding ceremony between a 74-year-old man and his 24-year-old bride has stirred up controversy online.

The man in question is said to be Mr. Frank Gyimah, the well-known owner of Nkatie Burger, a popular snack brand.

In the footage shared on platforms like TikTok, Mr. Gyimah, who is also the CEO of Frank Gyimah Industries (FGI), can be seen exchanging vows with his much younger bride in a church setting, although the exact location has not been confirmed.

According to reports, the couple had been in a relationship before getting married.

Mr. Gyimah, reportedly the wealthiest individual in Akroso, Eastern Region of Ghana, has garnered attention due to the significant age gap between him and his bride.

While some view the marriage as a genuine expression of love between consenting adults, others on social media have expressed doubts and raised concerns.

Netizens have shared mixed opinions, with some questioning the motivations behind the union and speculating that the young bride may be influenced by Mr. Gyimah’s wealth.

This has sparked discussions on the complexities of relationships with large age differences and the potential impact of financial considerations.

The reactions from social media users vary, with some suggesting that the marriage is solely driven by money, while others believe it could be based on other factors like peace of mind.

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