kobby kyei

“Pastor don’t have the power to heal any sick person”- Kobby Kyei

In a recent episode of the “Mastering Your Mindset” series on Konnected Minds, hosted by Derrick Abaitey, popular Ghanaian blogger and content creator, Kobby Kyei, discussed the remarkable capabilities of the human mind.

Kobby Kyei made an intriguing claim about the power of belief in facilitating healing within religious contexts. He observed that some pastors utilize what he described as a “trick” to aid in the healing process.

By fostering a sense of faith and belief among congregants, pastors can tap into the mind’s potential to catalyze healing within their bodies.

Kobby Kyei illustrated this concept by mentioning scenarios where congregants are instructed to drink water during healing services while being urged to “add faith” for the healing to take effect.

This practice demonstrates the significant influence of belief and suggestion on our overall wellbeing.

Kobby Kyei’s insights shed light on an intriguing aspect of human psychology, highlighting how our mindset and beliefs can impact our physical health.

By understanding and harnessing the power of our minds, we may be able to unlock new possibilities for healing and personal growth.

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