Pastor sacks bride from her own wedding for her bre@st showing in wedding gown (watch video)

Online reactions have been pouring in following a viral video of a bride being instructed to amend her revealing wedding dress by a popular church parish.

The video, which has been trending, shows the bride standing at the church entrance in her white wedding gown, while the fashion designer makes adjustments to cover up her cleavage. The bride was not allowed into the church auditorium until her dress was deemed appropriate.

In the video, the fashion designer can be seen adding pieces of material to cover the front and back of the wedding dress, in an effort to conceal the bride’s cleavage.

The material was tucked into the dress to ensure that it stayed in place. The caption of the video reads, “When you get married at RCCG church,” indicating that this particular church has strict guidelines regarding what brides can wear on their wedding day.

According to the video recorder, it is the church doctrine of RCCG that brides are not allowed to wear revealing wedding gowns into the church auditorium.

This directive led to the bride having to make last-minute alterations to her dress in order to comply with the church’s guidelines.

The video has sparked a debate online, with some supporting the church’s decision to uphold modesty, while others criticize the church for shaming the bride on her special day.

The incident has brought attention to the intersection of religion and fashion, and how different beliefs can impact personal choices.

Watch video below…

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