Pastor seen kissing Church member passionately all in the name of deliverance (Watch Video)

The pastor summoned a church member to come forward to his pulpit, announcing that she was believed to be under the influence of a dangerous demon. To rid the church member of the demon, the pastor engaged in a prolonged kiss with her, lasting over a minute.

Afterward, the pastor shared with the congregation that the demon within the church member was afraid of physical intimacy, specifically kissing.

The vulnerable woman, as well as all the other church members, remained silent as they observed the pastor’s questionable methods. The pastor’s actions were met with skepticism and confusion from those in attendance.

A video of the incident can be viewed below, showcasing the pastor’s controversial behavior.

The video has sparked controversy and debate among viewers, with many questioning the authenticity and ethics of the pastor’s actions.

Some have expressed concern for the well-being of the church member involved, while others have criticized the pastor for using what they perceive to be deceptive and manipulative tactics.

Overall, the pastor’s actions have raised serious questions about the boundaries of spiritual practices and the responsibility of religious leaders to their congregations.

Check out the video below;


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