Please forgive Funny Face – Afia Schwarzenegger begs Fadda Dickson

Controversial personality Afia Schwarzenegger recently made a plea to Fadda Dickson to forgive comedian Funny Face, who is currently facing legal issues after being involved in an accident where he hit some children at the Kakraba junction on the Kasoa Highway.

Afia Schwarzenegger, known for her outspoken nature, decided to weigh in on the matter, suggesting that Funny Face’s troubles may stem from Fadda Dickson’s refusal to accept his apology for insulting him in the past.

She implored Fadda Dickson to show compassion and forgive Funny Face, who she described as repentant. According to Afia Schwarzenegger, Funny Face has faced significant consequences for his actions, including being fired from his job and told not to return. She expressed concern for Funny Face’s mental well-being, noting that he values children and would be deeply affected by harming them.

Afia Schwarzenegger emphasized the importance of acknowledging and addressing mental health issues, highlighting the impact they can have on individuals and their loved ones. She urged Fadda Dickson to consider the repercussions of holding onto grudges and encouraged him to extend forgiveness to Funny Face, who she believes is going through a difficult time.

In her plea, she expressed regret for not being able to pray for someone in such a distressing situation and appealed for understanding and empathy towards Funny Face’s struggles.

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