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Please Forgive Me, I Am Sorry – Medikal Apologizes To Media Houses After Raining Insults On Them

Ghanaian rapper Medikal has issued a sincere apology to various media outlets in Ghana following a recent incident during a live interview.

Medikal had previously lashed out at journalist Mzgee for asking what he deemed as unnecessary questions.

This led to a video circulating on social media where Medikal insulted not only Mzgee but also other individuals associated with UTV, including Osei Kwame Despite and Fada Dickson.

In addition to these insults, Medikal also aimed at other media houses, drawing comparisons to his friend Shatta Wale’s behavior.

However, Medikal has now taken a step back and expressed regret for his actions.

He clarified that he never meant to disrespect any journalist or media organization and acknowledged the support he receives from the media for his work.

Medikal admitted that he can be quick to respond when provoked, which may come across as disrespectful.

He acknowledged his mistakes and apologized for any offensive language he may have used.

Despite his emotions getting the best of him during the interview, Medikal emphasized that he is human and prone to making errors.

Ultimately, Medikal extended gratitude to all media houses that have supported him and expressed his appreciation for their role in his career.

He ended his apology by acknowledging his flaws but reaffirming his respect for the media.

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