Please return my Iphone 14PRO Max – Wendy shay begs Duayaw Nkwanta youth to return her stolen phone

Wendy Shay, also known as “Ghana wake up,” is currently feeling distraught after her performance at Duayaw Nkwanta.

The popular musician was scheduled to perform at an event in Duayaw Nkwanta, but after the show, she realized that her phone had been stolen.

Wendy Shay took to her official social media accounts to share the unfortunate news that her phone had been taken by the youth of Duayaw Nkwanta.

In her posts, Wendy Shay described her missing phone as an iPhone 14PRO Max with a unique customized cover featuring her image.

She provided a contact number for anyone willing to assist in locating her phone and promised a reward for whoever could help her retrieve it.

Despite the theft, Wendy Shay expressed gratitude for the love and enjoyment she experienced during her performance in Duayaw Nkwanta.

“Dauyaw Nkwanta youth, it was a great night filled with love and excitement, but I am saddened to have lost my iPhone 14PRO Max with a special Wendy Shay cover after my performance,” Wendy Shay wrote in her social media posts.

The singer’s fans and followers have offered their support and assistance in hopes of helping Wendy Shay recover her stolen phone.

The incident has left Wendy Shay feeling disheartened, but she remains hopeful that her phone will be found and returned to her soon.

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