Popular Ivorian Slay Queen dies after going to do Butt lift surgery (see details)

Brenda, a popular Ivorian woman who gained viral fame in Ghana last December, has tragically passed away while undergoing her third buttocks enhancement surgery.

The surgery, reportedly done to increase the size of her buttocks, ended in her untimely death.

A circulating photo resembling a French obituary shared by a friend revealed Brenda’s true identity as Delfina Joaquim, born in 1992, making her 32 years old at the time of her alleged demise.

Although details surrounding her death remain unclear, social media users are expressing their condolences for her passing.

Prior to her death, Brenda was known for frequenting the most luxurious clubs and vacationing in cities such as Monaco, Santorini, and Venice.

She was often seen wearing designer clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories, which were reportedly sponsored by her wealthy sugar daddies, including politicians and prominent businessmen.

Brenda’s death has shocked many, as she was a prominent figure in social circles and known for her lavish lifestyle.

As the news of her passing spreads, friends and followers are mourning the loss of a young woman whose life was cut short while seeking cosmetic enhancements.

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