Prank goes wrong!! Military officer slaps TikTok content creator multiple times on street for smashing his phone — Video

The content creator enthusiastically took to the streets to distribute new phones to unsuspecting individuals. After successfully surprising several people with the generous gesture, he noticed a military officer who was preoccupied with a phone call.

Seizing the opportunity for a prank, he approached the officer, snatched the phone, and intentionally smashed it to the ground.

The officer, understandably angered by the sudden act of destruction, reacted by delivering a series of harsh slaps to the content creator.

It took the intervention of the officer’s colleagues to calm the situation and prevent further escalation.

Despite being on the receiving end of the officer’s aggression, the content creator chose not to retaliate, maintaining a composed demeanor throughout the ordeal.

The entire incident was captured on video for viewers to witness the unexpected turn of events.

Watch the video below to see how the situation unfolded in 250 words.

Video below…


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