Prayers Urged for Moesha Boduong Amidst deep Coma after hitting her head

Ghanaians are being urged to offer prayers for Moesha Boduong, a prominent socialite, who is reportedly in a coma. Boduong, known for her flamboyant lifestyle, has been battling mental health issues since 2022. The recent rumors swirling around the socialite’s health have caused concern among her followers and fans.

In the past few weeks, bloggers have been posting veiled messages about Boduong’s deteriorating condition. The rumors intensified this week with claims that Boduong had slipped into a deep coma following a fall where she allegedly hit her head on a hard surface during a social gathering.

This information was put forth by Bongo Ideas, a blogger who has taken the lead in calling for prayers for the socialite. According to the blogger, Boduong’s condition has gravely worsened, leading to a state described as ‘brain dead’.

These developments have sent shockwaves through her fanbase and the wider Ghanaian public. Boduong’s struggles with mental health have been public knowledge for some time now, leading to much speculation and concern over her well-being.

As the situation unfolds, the public is being asked to keep Boduong in their thoughts and prayers, hoping for her swift recovery.


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