Presidents and big men want to chop me- Wendy Shay brags

• Temi, a distraught Nigerian man, shares a shocking incident after his girlfriend was arrested by the police.
• During the arrest, Temi discovered his girlfriend had another lover who bailed her out.
• The incident sparked reactions on social media, with some suggesting the girlfriend may not be trustworthy.
• Other users suggested Temi should know his place in the relationship and not be a spare tire.
• The incident sparked speculation about Temi’s role in the relationship and the complexities of relationships.


Ghanaian musician Wendy Shay, also known as “Ghana Wake Up,” has recently made a surprising revelation.

Despite initially addressing claims of being involved with Henry Fitz on her social media platforms, Wendy Shay decided to speak out verbally.

In a video circulating on social media, she firmly stated that she has never engaged in any form of transactional relationship with Henry Fitz and does not even know him personally.

The leader of the Shay Geng emphasized that everything she has achieved in life, such as purchasing a Range Rover, was through hard work.

She mentioned that selling her body for money is something she would never consider doing.

Wendy Shay shocked many by disclosing that numerous presidents and wealthy individuals have approached her with offers of money in exchange for sex.

However, she made it clear that she has rejected all such advances, as that is not who she is.

This revelation served as proof that she values her integrity and does not engage in such activities. Wendy Shay’s statement has sparked discussions and debates on social media platforms.


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