Prisons in Ghana are were LGBTQ goes on the most– Deputy Chief Whip Alhaji Habib Iddrisu

Alhaji Habib Iddrisu, the First Deputy Majority Chief Whip, has suggested that prisons are the primary market for LGBTQI+ individuals.

He believes that the practice is widespread in prisons, making it ineffective to reform homosexuals through imprisonment.

In an interview with Joy News, Alhaji Habib Iddrisu emphasized the need to reconsider prison sentences for LGBTQI+ individuals and advocates in the proposed bill.

He highlighted that imprisoning individuals may not lead to their reformation, especially if they are part of a community where the practice is prevalent, such as in prisons.

Alhaji Habib Iddrisu also referenced a statement by Afenyo-Markin regarding the President being restrained from receiving the bill and Parliament from transmitting it due to legal injunctions.

He commended the President for adhering to the constitution in his response to the situation.

In essence, Alhaji Habib Iddrisu believes that imprisoning LGBTQI+ individuals may not be an effective way to reform them.

He advocates for a reconsideration of the proposed bill’s provisions related to prison sentences for LGBTQI+ individuals and their advocates.

Additionally, he acknowledges the legal constraints surrounding the bill and applauds the President for upholding the constitution in his actions.


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