Prophet Ogya: Insult me if you must, but leave my parents out of it.

Renowned Ghanaian prophet, Jedidia Henry Kore, better known as Prophet Ogya, has recently voiced his discontent over derogatory comments made about his mother on social media. The incident unfolded after Prophet Oja shared his divine visions regarding the Black Stars’ performance in an upcoming tournament.

The prophet, who is no stranger to controversy, has become a significant figure in Ghana for his prophecies. The recent backlash stemmed from some individuals who took offense to his recent revelation and responded with disrespectful remarks about his mother.

Despite being accustomed to criticism as a public spiritual figure, Prophet Oja expressed his dismay at the personal attacks on his family. In a Facebook post, he stated, “Someone just insulted my mother all because a prophecy had come to pass and I didn’t do anything about it.”

He further expressed his frustration over the paradoxical expectations of his followers, who label him as ‘fake’ if his prophecies do not come true, yet criticize him if they do.

The prophet ended his statement with a plea for respect towards his parents, stating, “You can insult me but don’t involve my parents.” This incident has prompted a conversation about the limits of criticism towards public figures in Ghana.

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