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Prophet Ogyaba Shaves Hair Of Boy Born With Dreadlocks To Stop Him From Becoming New Komfo Anogye (watch video)

Prophet Ogyaba recently performed a ritual on a young boy who was born with dreadlocks to protect him from potential possession by spirits.

The parents of the boy brought him to the church out of fear that he may have already been possessed.

According to the mother, the boy was born at Mary-Lucy Hospital in Awoshie, Accra, and was born with both dreadlocks and already circumcised.

Before proceeding with the ritual, Prophet Ogyaba assured the parents that the boy was innocent and had been possessed from birth.

He explained that the spirits were trying to make the boy the new Komfo Anokye, a powerful spiritual figure, but he would prevent this from happening in the modern era.

The prophet also spoke to the boy’s father, who revealed that he had been facing numerous challenges since the boy’s birth, including unemployment and failed business ventures.

After a prayer session, Prophet Ogyaba shaved the boy’s dreadlocks in order to release him from the supposed possession by spirits.

The ritual, which was performed in front of the congregation, was believed to have successfully freed the boy from the spirits that had been haunting him since birth.

Watch video below…

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