“Quables didn’t teach me anything, I learned everything online”- DanceGod

DanceGod, the co-founder of DWP (Dance With Purpose), has responded to his former manager and confidant, Quables, who recently made some allegations against him during an interview with Kwadwo Sheldon.

According to Quables, DanceGod had been ungrateful to him, despite the sacrifices he made for the professional dancer. Quables claimed that he had picked DanceGod from obscurity and had taught him how to brand himself, speak, and teach people how to dance.

He also mentioned that DanceGod had complained about being uncomfortable at DWP before leaving the organization.

In response, DanceGod denied the accusations made by his former friend. He stated that he had learned everything on his own and had perfected his craft through the use of social media.

DanceGod mentioned that he had built connections with other personalities, such as Mr. Drew, before meeting Quables, so he was not struggling as Quables had suggested.

DanceGod made these statements on Kwadwo Sheldon Studios, the same platform where Quables had made his allegations.

He emphasized that he had not received any assistance from Quables in his career and had achieved success through his own hard work and dedication.


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