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Queen Peezy Shows Off New Boyfriend In A Video After Breaking Up With Patapaa – VIDEO

Queen Peezy flaunts her new beau in a video following her split from Patapaa in an apparent attempt to elicit jealousy from her former partner. The video showcases Queen Peezy and her new boyfriend, seemingly happy and affectionate towards each other, as they enjoy each other’s company.

By publicizing her new relationship, Queen Peezy may be seeking to convey a message to Patapaa that she has moved on and found happiness with someone new.

The display of her new relationship may also be a way for Queen Peezy to assert her independence and show that she is not reliant on Patapaa for her happiness.

By showcasing her new beau, Queen Peezy may be trying to demonstrate that she is capable of finding love and fulfillment on her terms.

However, the motivation behind Queen Peezy’s actions could also be driven by a desire to provoke a reaction from Patapaa.

By flaunting her new romance, she may be hoping to incite feelings of jealousy or regret in her ex-partner, as a way of asserting her own value and worth.

Overall, Queen Peezy’s decision to showcase her new boyfriend in a video following her breakup with Patapaa is likely a deliberate move aimed at sending a message to her former partner and asserting her independence and happiness in the aftermath of their split.

Watch video below.


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