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Radio presenter curses guy on live radio for shifting her womb with his big manhood

An ADOM FM presenter has unexpectedly gained significant attention on social media due to her candid sharing of an intimate experience. The presenter, Amanda, opened up about her preference for men with a larger physical endowment during a live radio broadcast.

Amanda recounted an instance of a sexual encounter with a man possessing an extraordinarily large manhood, which she described as having been a painful ordeal. She claimed that the man’s size was so large that it displaced her womb, causing her significant discomfort.

As she relayed the intimate details of this experience, Amanda did not hold back her emotions. She conveyed her distress, revealing that she sobbed throughout the encounter due to the man’s overwhelming size. This candid confession has sparked a flurry of discussions online, making her an unexpected viral sensation.

Amanda’s recollection took a controversial turn when she expressed her resentment towards the man in question. During the live broadcast, she went as far as to wish death upon him, blaming him for the pain she endured during their intimate encounter.

Amanda’s candid sharing of her intimate experiences and preferences has elicited a wide range of reactions on social media. She has become the topic of many discussions, her story initiating debates about sexual preferences, women’s rights, and body shaming.


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