Regina Daniels covers entire body and face as she wears Niqab to the market (video)

Regina Daniels donned a niqab, a traditional Muslim garment that covered her entire body and face, as she made her way to the market.

The actress, known for her marriage to Muslim politician Ned Nwoko, chose to wear the niqab on Monday, March 11, coinciding with the start of Ramadan.

Her black attire concealed her face completely, with only her eyes visible to onlookers. To further shield her identity, she paired the niqab with dark sunglasses, adding an extra layer of anonymity.

Despite her efforts to remain incognito, Regina was still recognized by those around her as she navigated the market. The actress’s presence drew attention, even though her face was concealed from view.

This experience highlighted the challenges of attempting to maintain privacy in the public eye, especially for a well-known figure like Regina Daniels.

By choosing to wear the niqab, Regina embraced a different cultural and religious tradition, showcasing her openness to exploring diverse perspectives.

Her choice to don the Muslim covering sparked conversations and reactions from those who encountered her at the market.

Overall, Regina’s decision to wear the niqab not only reflected her respect for her husband’s faith but also demonstrated her willingness to step outside of her comfort zone and embrace new experiences.

Watch video below…

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