RELATIONSHIP Them don marry all the serious men finish na only “how was your night, señd me your picture ” remain – Nigerian lady, Diamond in search of husband cried out

Diamond Berry, a Nigerian woman seeking a husband, recently sparked heated reactions online with her post on Igbo rant HQ.

She expressed her frustration at the numerous men who had flooded her inbox with messages asking, “How was your night? Send me your picture.” She lamented that all she seemed to receive were these superficial inquiries, with no serious offers or support.

According to Hypoes, she stated that all the serious men in the group were already married, leaving only those who sent generic messages like, “How are you? How was your night? Have you eaten?” She felt disheartened by the lack of genuine interest and effort from these men.

In the comment section, a man named Charles Freeman Okafor criticized Diamond for complaining about the men’s lack of financial support, suggesting that she had turned herself into a social media figure seeking attention.

He insinuated that her disappointment stemmed from a man’s admission of not having money.

The exchange highlighted the challenges faced by women seeking meaningful relationships in a digital age where superficial interactions often overshadow genuine connections.

Diamond’s experience resonated with many who have encountered similar frustrations in their own search for love and companionship.

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