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“Revenge Is Here, I Will Meet You All In Hell” – Afia Schwar Sends Strong Warning To Her Critics And Bullies

In recent days, Kwasi Aboagye’s lawyers have sent a letter to Afia Schwarzenegger demanding that she retract her defamatory statements and issue an apology, or face legal action.

They have given her seven days to comply with their demands, stating that while Afia Schwarzenegger has made derogatory remarks about their client in the past, he chose not to respond until now.

The lawyers specifically mentioned false allegations of their client engaging in inappropriate relationships with minors and infidelity.

They are requesting an apology, retraction, and removal of all defamatory content from the internet.

Afia Schwarzenegger has responded defiantly, refusing to retract her statements. She claims that Kwasi Aboagye had a relationship with her and a friend when they were minors, justifying her accusations.

She also questioned the lawyers’ priorities in sending her a legal threat instead of focusing on other matters.

In a separate post, Afia Schwarzenegger shared a letter from her own legal team in response to the one sent by Kwasi Aboagye’s lawyers.

She expressed her readiness to fight back against those who have mistreated her. The situation between the two parties seems to be escalating, with both sides standing firm in their positions.

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