Run to Jesus, don’t sell your soul to the devil – Morris Babyface tella Yaw Tog

Morris Babyface advises Yaw Tog to seek refuge in Jesus instead of making a deal with the devil. He emphasizes the importance of choosing the path of righteousness and avoiding the temptations that may lead to selling one’s soul.

Babyface urges Yaw Tog to run towards Jesus, the source of salvation and grace, rather than succumbing to the devil’s deceitful offers. He warns against the consequences of making a pact with the devil, as it can ultimately result in the loss of one’s soul.

He urged the young rapper, Yaw Tog, to seek Jesus Christ for protection and guidance to avoid falling into the wrong hands.

In a heartfelt Facebook post on, Morris expressed concern for his younger brother, emphasizing the importance of seeking spiritual guidance from Jesus Christ to avoid making dangerous choices.

He lamented the challenges faced by talented individuals in Ghana, where success can be hindered by jealousy and betrayal from those closest to them.

Morris stressed the need for protection and support from Jesus Christ, highlighting the dangers of seeking protection from other sources.

He urged Yaw Tog to stay true to his faith and seek guidance from the right source to avoid potential harm.

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