Sad scenes: Chairman Wontumi Cries Like a Baby At John Kumah’s Funeral (watch video)

John Kumah, who tragically lost his life after being poisoned alongside Chairman Wontumi, was not as fortunate as his friend who sought emergency health assistance and survived.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Chairman Wontumi was seen in a viral video crying uncontrollably at John Kumah’s funeral, showcasing the depth of their friendship and the impact of Kumah’s untimely death.

The emotional breakdown of Chairman Wontumi serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of taking prompt action in times of crisis.

It is evident that if John Kumah had taken emergency healthcare as seriously as his friend did, the outcome may have been different. This realization has resonated with many, highlighting the significance of swift decision-making in critical situations.

As Ghana mourns the loss of John Kumah, his legacy as a dedicated public servant and cherished friend lives on.

Let us come together to honor his memory and reflect on the moments we shared with him. May his spirit find peace, knowing that he has left behind a lasting legacy of service and camaraderie that will endure for years to come. Rest in peace, John Kumah.

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